A Day in the Life of...

So today we had an epic day of dropping off jobs to our numerous teams across Essex. All the stock was collected Friday and Saturday from the premises of our clients, free of charge. Sunday night had been spent printing maps, completing information sheets and assigning routes - day of rest it is not!!

In the morning, Stacey went to interview a potential new starter and visited a client in Billericay to catch up on the results of their most recent distribution. Following on from that, after confirming team members would be home, off we set with our precious cargo to various destinations across Chelmsford, Hadleigh, Leigh, Westcliff, Rayleigh, Eastwood, Southchurch, Thorpe Bay and Shoebury - I'm exhausted all over again just typing out the destinations!

Each team member is given a map, stock and an information sheet reminding them that we fully put the flyers through the door, they must inform us of their start road each day, and send their roads through at the end of each day. They are also given a deadline date which they must adhere too. They are also assigned a checker, who's role is to check they are sticking to our delivery guidelines, and are completing the distribution fully.

After collapsing at home, we then started invoicing, returning calls and drafting quotes. We also send the road reports to clients, speak to the checkers to confirm no delivery issues and answer emails or calls to perspective new team members. Then, comes our social media updates on Facebook and Instagram, and advertising on Google. 

It really isn't a 9-5, five days a week job but here at Distribute4u, we wouldn't have it any other way!! Get in touch to see how we can help you with your advertising requirements