About Distribute4u

Distribute4u was formed by Stacey Holt in January 2012 using a handful of distributors, and has slowly grown to where we are now - trusted and respected by sole traders to well known brands alike, and now using teams in each area.

We have started using technology to assist in our tracking and monitoring of the distributors - using apple and android tracking apps such as Mapmywalk, alongside our tried and tested methods. These include our distributors contacting Head Office before they start with their start road, driving the routes to check on the progress of the teams to ensure they don't forget to put the materials completely through the letterbox and our team of Checkers, who knock on doors to confirm receipt of delivery with occupiers.

Since January of this year, things have been ramping up with our output close to 130,000-150,000 houses a month being delivered to over the SS and CM postcodes alone. Here at Distribute4u, a customer first approach is so integral to keeping and growing our client base and, if at any point our clients are unhappy, we always go the extra mile to ensure that every experience is a positive one to you and your business.

Why not get in touch and see how we can assist your business in your next distribution - contact us.