Solo or Shared Distribution?

So, you have decided to dip your toe into the world of leaflet drop advertising but do you go with a Solo or Shared - or even Flexi-Shared distribution? What's the best drop for you and what do we mean by all these options?

A Solo distribution is a great way of guaranteeing that the company you use only put your leaflet through each letterbox, but you will pay a premium for it - how much depends on the company you use. These distributions are great for targeting a new area to introduce your services to your demographics or if you have a special offer you want people to see. The cons could be the price for large quantities (although Distribute4u will discount for large orders) and I can guarantee my team will only deliver your leaflet on a solo, but we have no control over what will have gone before us that day or after so there will be no guarantee that the occupier will only have your to pick up from the doormat.

Shared distributions are ideal for pretty much any business. It provides a cost effective method of getting your message out to potential service users or clients. You can target larger areas dependent on budget, as your budget will stretch further. Distribute4u guarantee that we will not put competitive companies materials out together, for example no two estate agents or plumbers will go out together, and up to three leaflets are put in one job. We also guarantee that the leaflets are not folded inside each other, but rather individually folded (if necessary) so that the home occupier still needs to look at each one when picking them up, and your message is not lost in the crowd.

A Flexi-Shared distribution is the same as a shared, but you wouldn't mind on where Distribute4u put them geographically, within the areas we cover. This is the cheapest method we offer and is perfect for trades to name just one industry. You would tend to supply a large quantity at a time, and we would work through them as other jobs came in (being mindful not to replicate areas but rather spread the materials over as many areas as quantities allowed). Distribute4u would confirm areas before we started and keep you updated with progress. 

Shared and Flexi-Shared distributions would be dependent on other clients wanting the same areas so please check availability when requesting a quote