Does cheaper equate to lower quality all the time?

So, you have researched online and found a vast difference in pricing amongst companies when it comes to distribution packages. We have covered Solo, Shared and our own Flexi-Shared distribution packages in a recent blog, but you will notice that our pricing for each of these will be in the main, more competitive than many others. Does this mean we compromise on our service to you - HELL NO!!

It's our firm belief that concentrating on providing a good, quality service and listening to the needs of our clients, shouldn't have to come at an exorbitant price for local businesses or event organisers. Distribute4u is especially supportive of local trades and new startups, who may not  (in our experiences) have the funds for an expensive campaign and need to spend their money wisely and effectively per lead. 

Not only are we affordable, but we also have the ability and experience to help you target areas that meet your requirements in terms of an ideal service user or customer. Therefore, we can help give you added value for money - not wasting precious resources in areas that maybe cannot afford your service for example. Making the most of your budget, getting maximum exposure and converting those to leads and ultimately sales, is what everyone we talk too is after. 

The vast majority of our distribution teams have been with us from the early days, the remainder for the past two years. They go through training and then a probationary period. Every one of Distribute4u's distributors are monitored and checked throughout the distribution process. They send daily road reports, from which a sample are taken from each to check the following day. This includes knocking on home occupiers doors to confirm receipt of delivery. All the road reports are collated and passed on to you upon completion so your business can monitor the origin of leads and the effectiveness of your campaign. 

Many household high street brands, leisure centres, gardeners and restaurants - to name but a few of the clients we have, trust us with their leaflet advertising requirements for many years now and continue to do so on a monthly or quarterly basis. Why not get in touch to see how we can do the same for your business or request a quote today?