Does Design Matter?

After deciding you are going to use leaflets as part of your marketing campaign, what's next? Well unless you have already got a PDF of your flyer, then you will need to engage a company to design your flyer - and possibly your logo too! We can design your logo and your flyer for a very competitive price with unlimited amendments to your design, we want you to be happy with the finished product before your potential clients catch sight of it through their letterboxes.

So what tips can we pass on at Distribute4u in terms of design?

Once a home occupier goes to pick up their mail, you have a maximum of two-three seconds to catch their eye and tell them that your product or service is what they need! So, bright colours, logos and just enough text to get either your USP or business message over to them is so important in that initial contact. Too dull and your leaflet wont stand out from anything else on the mat. Too much information/text on the flyer and your potential clients will 'switch off' and are unlikely to give your leaflet any time.

Some of the best leaflets we have, excluding menus, have bright colours, business logo and slogan on one side, and your message or offer or information on the reverse. Making full use of the flyer is a must, and in most cases it doesn't cost any extra unless you are changing the design on the reverse. Leaving one side blank is a lost opportunity and may require the occupier to turn over your flyer to get your message before deciding whether to keep or bin it.

If flyers are going to be a staple for your business advertising, then keeping your logo and slogan, and potentially any colours you may choose, the same ensures that potential clients will subconsciously start to recognise your brand. If you can do this, then when a home occupier requires the service or product you are offering, your's will be the first brand they look for when deciding where to spend their money!

Finally, choosing good quality materials is almost as important as what goes on it. Using paper and photocopying your leaflets will not give you the same response rate as using a glossy card. It doesn't have to be the thickest, glossiest(!) you can find, but a happy medium will say a lot about your business and your investment in it to a potential client.

Why not get in touch to discuss any design needs or printing requirements you may have and see how competitive we are on pricing without compromising quality?