Taglines and Slogans...

Giving thought to your business to come up with a single identifying phrase or slogan can be tough! It needs to be reflective of your business, what you want to achieve, who you want to attract, and what you have to offer - all in a handful of words that your demographics will hopefully recognise in a crowd and remember you when they have a need you fill...so much pressure to get it right!

So firstly, what's the difference between a Tagline and a Slogan?

Well, a Slogan is product or campaign specific, and is in short, your brand's battlecry! What product or service would you like to showcase in your leaflet campaign and what slogan or phrase could you use to describe it? The slogan could change for each campaign and is an attention grabber of the home occupier picking up the leaflet or advert from their mat. A slogan will need to be brief but catchy, and will have a limited shelf life as normally you would rotate or redevelop new ones to stop your advertising materials fresh. A slogan's purpose is to allow your potential clients a way of remembering your advertising message, so it needs to be a good one! 

A Tagline, or strapline, is used consistently to represent the brand as a whole. It's your unique identifier in the crowd if you like. It gives the same message every time so that your consumers or demographics start to recognise your brand and thus remember it over anyone else's. It is typically short and accompanies your logo - compliments it in fact. It shouldn't really be changed so spend a little time picking something that you feel really fits your business.

Think about what sets you apart from your competition, what allows you to stand out from the crowd? What defines you as a unique business entity and how can you put that in to a few short words? Its a tricky process but one that will definitely pay off when potential clients remember you over a competitor.

If you require any assistance with designing advertising materials or branding, then why not get in touch and see how we can help, and you'll be surprised that it wont cost you a fortune in the process!