Promotion v Information

Any type of advert you decide to put in front of your target audience is going to be beneficial, but the type of advert you use is extremely important.  Do you decide to stay on point and give just enough information to grab someone's attention and direct them to your site or services - or do you include a promotion or 'discount on presentation' voucher as an incentive?

You have mere seconds to make an impression on a homeowner before they decide to bin or keep, so you need to decide your strategy when designing your flyer, and there are benefits of both. Using the flyer to introduce your services/goods is a great way to direct potential customers to a website or premises for more in depth information. You could do a 'bare bones' approach of all the services you provide or focus on your main offer. The obvious goal of the flyer being to pique the interest of your reader enough that they act on it.

Using the approach of a promotional offer or a discount that the home occupier has to bring with them (or a code to input) to redeem, is an excellent way of monitoring the effectiveness of your drop AND gets interested people in through the door - who doesn't like a bargain! This is an extremely effective way to introduce a new service or offer, and then provide a discount for first use/purchase. This works for the vast majority of industries and clients we service - from tree surgeons to salons to restaurant takeaway menus!

In the main, its great to do the first drop introducing your company and what you offer in a concise, interesting manner. Then a follow up drop to the same area, promoting one of your services or products with a promotional discount coupon (or simply bringing in the leaflet with them) is a great way to engage your target audience.

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