'How do I know my stock will be delivered and not dumped?'

All Distribute4u teams are supervised and monitored throughout the process. Each individual contacts Head Office at the start of their day to give their start road. Supervisors are then given routes to drive around to ensure that no one has forgotten to fully push the leaflets through the letterboxes, and that everyone is where they are meant to be. At the end of each day, everyone must send through their completed road list for the day. This is collated by the supervisors and checked against our database for accuracy. The following day, Supervisors will randomly select a handful of roads from each list and knock on doors to confirm receipt of the stock. We also have homeowners in each area that will contact us to confirm receipt.

'How will I know where you have been?'

When we collect from you, we will bring maps of the areas confirmed at booking so that exact routes can be clarified. Upon completion, you will receive road reports of all the completed roads from the distribution. These road reports will have been comprehensively checked throughout the distribution process.

'How long will it take?'

Distribute4u normally work to a two week deadline to allow for bad weather. In the main, we can deliver quicker than this, and if your distribution is last minute or on a tight timeframe, then we can normally assist you by increasing the number of distributors on the team assigned to your job.

'How do I get my stock to you or do you collect?'

Distribute4u can normally collect free of charge if you are within our distribution areas. If you have magazines, then it will be dependent on the size and quantities involved. We can also store stock for you, of particular use if you plan a staggered or large drop. 

'I've been let down before and have lost money as a result. I'm worried about paying upfront...'

For new clients, we are happy to collect payment upon completion. For large quantities, we would invoice half upfront and the remainder upon completion. Clients deciding to pay by cash will be an upfront payment. We are a VAT registered company and so VAT invoices are supplied.

'Can you design and print my leaflets as well as distribute them?'

We can give you a price for printing as long as you know what quality paper/card you want, colour or black/white, 1 or 2 sided and size of leaflet. Price for design would be £25 with unlimited amendments. Please use the contact us form for details of how to get in touch.