Why use door to door marketing?

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conducted research and found that 89% of home occupiers remember receiving a door drop campaign - more than any other form of marketing.  They also found that a whopping 45% kept materials for future use.  The British Market Research Buereau (BMRB) found that around 48% of consumers have visited a business, sent for further information or bought a product after receiving a door drop.

Local businesses advertising to local consumers makes sense and non-addressed marketing can be a cost effective way of getting your business name and message straight into the homes of your demographic. Leaflets, for example, are intrusive in the sense that they have to be picked up and crucially viewed before keeping or binning. Vouchers and promotional offers are a great way of holding their attention and in times of financial hardship for most households, these are a great hook for your business increasing your chances of getting them in.

Drip feed marketing or move around the areas?

Leaflet distribution tends to have the most impact over a longer term campaign. Hitting the same area for a set time allows for your brand to be recognised and trust building. If consumers see your message/brand regularly or drip effect, they subconsciously remember your business over others, and a regular show of materials shows you are a constant in the area. This has a huge bearing to a potential client's buying habits when looking for a trustworthy business, especially for a large purchase or take-away/restaurant choices. Changing the message or pictures, but keeping the branding/colours the same, means that home occupiers will not get bored or switch off after seeing your materials each distribution campaign.

Companies that decide on a differentapproach, like one offs or moving around areas each time, allows businesses to target the areas they are interested in on a slower timescale. This is particularly effective for smaller budgets or for those companies that do not wish to bombard their clients with too much.

Which businesses benefit from door drop distribution?

The DMA and StepCheck found that 80% of occupiers were most favourable towards receiving retail non-addressed marketing through their door, especially with discounted offers, followed by restaurants, local services, big brands and estate agents with 60-70%. In short, it works for the vast majority of industries dependent on factors such as leaflet design and quantity through the door per drop.

Accountability for my marketing budget?

Door to door marketing allows for greater accountability, especially if vouchers or promotional offers 'on presentation of this flyer' or codes are used. Source of leads can be monitored and road reports provided upon completion, show whether a lead has been as a result of marketing in the area.

Making use of our local knowledge or postcode database, and targeting individual demographics means we can help you reach your exact client profile for your business, making the most effective and efficient use of your marketing budget.

Why not use direct mail companies such as Royal Mail?

According to campaignlive.co.uk, direct mail ie alongside the occupier's addressed mail, can typically cost £300 p 1000 letters. Door to door campaigns such as single page leaflets, can be a tenth of the price - so a very effective cost per response and means to reach new customers

Does the design and type of distribution have an impact on the success of my campaign?   

Less is more in most occasions! Eye catching colours and attention grabbing headlines and images, with a catchy sub headline is normally sufficient to hook your target audience, with obvious exceptions being menus. Actionable design is so important in that initial moment the occupier picks up your material from their doormat. Making your message concise and relevant to them is what you are looking for - as converting a lead is far easier if they call you!

We can put you in touch with a reputable local business that provide design and print, where design prices start from as little as £25 for unlimited amendments. Please use the contact us form, and get a call back from a knowledgeable colleague who can discuss your requirements and provide a quote.

'Cost effective method of reaching target audience'


'Drip feed marketing or one-offs depending on budget'


'Provides greater accountability for marketing budgets'